September – October Projects

I’ve been busy, so busy I haven’t had a chance to add my latest designs. Over the summer I worked on a project for Bamberg Audio. Phil Bamberg adds new designs regularly and for this one I was right in the middle.

Original Series 3 Design The initial Series 3 was designed with a “facetet” baffle to reduce baffle diffraction and enhance dispersion.

This design was picked up by several other people and used in other projects as well as a few pre-ordered, early design Series 3 systems. However, this design was dropped in favor of a newer A frame design.

A frame baffle design The new design uses an A shaped monitor atop the same woofer module. A new oval grille (not pictured) completes the new monitor.Unfinished assembled Above is the unfinished, assembled enclosure.Below is the crate I built to ship the parts. FedEx was very helpful in making sure the crates (there are two of them) got where they needed to go without incident.


Initial assembly shows braces and port openings for woofer enclosure. Phil was quite busy on his end as well. He cut the lock miter joints for all corners seams.

1380403_578550825573263_1372136252_n 1491273_607184429376569_100356897_o

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