Who am I

Welcome to TRBCNC. My name is Tom. I’m a local Portland Oregon CNC machinist ready, willing and able to create your latest art project, prototype part or engraving in a material of your choice.

Located in SE Portland near the Montavilla neighborhood I operate a 24″x48″ CNC routing table in a small storage unit to keep overhead to an absolute minimum. I’m not a commercial shop in that I don’t have a staff or even a storefront. I’m simply interested in bringing the wonders of CNC routing to the masses. Especially to people who have never been able to afford CNC made parts. I’m not really set up for large production runs but I’ll consider any business request. I’m also willing to accept your drawings and will do my best to helpĀ  you create what you want. Since I’m still quite new to this I didn’t take photos of my first few projects so I’ll have to wait a bit to post project photos.

Contact Information:
Easiest way is to email me at: cnc@trbailey.net. I’m not ready to post my phone number quite yet.

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