Announcement: Welcome to TRB-CNC Routing

My name is Tom. I recently purchased and built a medium sized CNC routing table. I’ve now discovered I can easily share the wonders of CNC routing with a few of the masses. If you’re one of those masses, put on your creative thinking cap and keep reading.Gantry and table front view

Below is a short introduction to CNC and my specific machine. The picture to the right shows the basic table with X, Y and Z axes. The router bit is inside the black brush thing. In the photo you can see the top of the router motor sticking out from the “Dust Shoe”, the thing with the black brushes on the bottom. The dust shoe has a long hose to clean up cuttings as they are cut. This is important so they do not interfere with the action of the bit. Too much waste material can hinder cutting action and result in inaccurate cuts. Behind the router on the back side of the Z axis bar is the “lead screw”. Continue reading

Flat Pack Speaker Boxes now available at TRB CNC

Waveguide LRThere are many places to purchase speaker boxes for your amateur home or automobile speaker project. Now there is one more. Live in or near the Portland Oregon area? You can now order and pickup directly here in town. If you’re not too far away I’ll even deliver.






TRB CNC makes hobbyist speakBoth-speaker-with-veneeroer enclosures and custom CNC signs, art projects and prototype parts in wood, plastic, soft metals or foam. Send me a drawing and I cut the parts. CNC is a very accurate way to cut wood, plastic or other materials that can be cut with a carbide bit. I’m focusing on speaker enclosures because that’s what I know best but I’m open to new ideas.

IMG_20130521_092307_447Building a Dipole kit? Need a custom baffle? This is the place to ask. I can layout and cut single or double sided baffles in MDF, high quality plywood or solid hardwood. By stacking hardwood planks together we can cut deep shapes into the baffle including waveguides, rear driver mounting roundover to reduce diffraction effects, dado corners for increased surface area, miter joints for seamless corners, even lock miter joints.

IMGP2755Is your project not so fancy and you just need a baffle with accurately place holes cut to exact dimension? Just ask. Send me a picture with measurement and I can usually cut to order in one day.