December 14, 2013 General Project Articles

Alphabet BoardNovember was also a busy month. The machine, being still new, was upgraded and carefully examined to be sure all is working well. This included the replacement of the router which began to chatter from worn bearings. The first project came in for form of an alphabet board. This board is apparently used to teach special education students how to form alphabet letters using dexterous feedback in addition to visual. Both UPPER and lower case letters were cut on the same plywood board. One on each side.IMG_20131009_092123_792 Alphabet BoardThese were cut using two bits. First I removed most of the material with a 3/16 end mill. This cuts the grooves that make the letters. Next I duplicate the path using a 3/8 “T” bit to under cut around each line. This makes it possible to place a bolt or large screw into the line and slide it around. The careful placement of openings allow removal only at specific points while tracing the letter.


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