Assembled Sub Enclosure
New Sub Enclosure 1.5 Cu Ft
June 21, 2013 General Project Articles

Working sub before finishing.Today I added a new sub woofer enclosure to my flat pack designs. This enclosure is 1.6 cu. ft. nominal, about 1.5 with 12″ driver, damping material and wiring and is suitable for a woofer from 8″ to 12″ in diameter either ported or sealed.

Basic Enclosure

Construction makes assembly simple and foolproof with dado joints on back, front (optional) and sides. Top and bottom panels fit into dado cuts on front, back and sides so all joints are tight sealing double edge dado joints. Standard material is 3/4″ MDF unless you want 3/4″ plywood at a little more cost.Drawing

Enclosure Construction

The enclosure features a dado set U brace around the sides and back to stiffen the enclosure which, when properly glued and attached, helps make that “tight” sounding sub woofer you’ve always wanted. An additional full wrap brace can also be ordered providing bracing in two dimensions (left and right plus top and bottom and back) rather than just one dimension. If the sub is placed on the floor with the brace oriented horizontally and spikes are used on the bottom, the extra bracing is unnecessary.

Assembled Sub EnclosureBaffle Options

A simple 15″ square MDF baffle can be butt mounted with glue on the front of enclosure for a no frills under couch sub, or I can custom cut a dado face enclosure complete with custom monogram, speaker hole, screw holes and a recessed lip for your driver that fits tightly into the front of the box ensuring a tight seal once it’s glued. See above image for a baffle example.The example above uses a double layer baffle assembly. The inner baffle has a 1/4″ deep x 3/4″ dado around the edges so it sits slightly inside the enclosure. The inner baffle is typically glued and clamped to the front of the enclosure. The dado ensures a square fit, a complex edge for gluing, and when glued properly attaches the ends of the interior brace firmly to the baffle for added enclosure stiffness. An optional screw into each brace can also be used for added stiffness. The second larger baffle piece is a vanity cover. It attaches flat to the inner baffle. When glued and clamped it forms a solid single piece. Note dowel holes above on left baffle in upper right and lower left corners. The dowels line up the two parts and gluing the two pieces together further increases the stiffness of the entire enclosure assembly. When properly glued and clamped the baffle acts as a full 1 1/2″ thick piece of solid MDF. Very nice for securely mounting the huge TC Sounds 12″ woofer that weighs in at around 22 lbs.

Enclosure Usage

This enclosure is intended as a sealed enclosure but can easily be cut for a vent and used with a smaller 8″ driver if you choose to use it for ported duty. The basic enclosure ships flat requiring several 24″ clamps or equivalent for assembly. A pair of clamps and a heavy object will work in a pinch. This enclosure will probably not work with a 12″ ported sub woofer driver. It’s just not large enough. It is designed to house a TC Sounds EPIC 12″ dual voice coil driver using an external plate amplifier and a mini DSP to contour the response. But many other low Q sub drivers will work. Below are images of the basic parts.Top and Bottom plus one side

Front and Back plus one side cutout

Additional Information

I also offer custom baffles for this or any enclosure be it yours or mine. Custom baffles can be made from MDF, Plywood or even solid hardwood if you want. A custom baffle includes the speaker cutout, an optional recess mounting lip, speaker mounting holes if dimensions are provided and a 1/4″ dado on back interior side to ensure a tight, leak proof enclosure. Custom dual layer baffleSince this is a custom cut enclosure, additional openings for straight connectors, plate amplifiers,  connector cups or port(s) are also available anywhere on the enclosure provided they do not interfere with the internal bracing.

See “How to Order” to order this sub woofer enclosure.

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