Custom Flat Pack Speaker Enclosures

After several discussions on various speaker building forums I’ve decided to offer flat pack speaker enclosures as an ongoing service. As my first offering I’ve designed a simple unfinished enclosure that can be quickly scaled to any volume with minimum effort. The enclosures will be made mostly from Plywood and MDF. The first group will be simple unfinished MDF flat pack enclosures just like those being offered at Parts Express. The biggest difference being that I can beat their price, mine ship faster and I offer custom driver openings. I can also offer custom baffles for waveguides, routing for flush mounted drivers, routing for rear mounted drivers, woofer waveguides (rear mounted woofer or midrange), round-over or chamfering inside or outside,  and any other custom driver mounting option at reasonable rates. My initial boxes will be very similar to PE boxes in terms of simplicity. But, rather than assemble the enclosure around the sides as they do, my enclosures assemble around the back.

The back of the enclosure is a flat piece with a dado cut around the outside. The sides, top and bottom then assemble against the back to form the enclosure. Adding more complex joints is very easy using this technique and makes it much easier to produce a custom enclosure size since all parts are relative to the back dimensions except box depth. I can now offer custom sized unfinished enclosures in any volume up to about 8 cubic feet without having to charge for extra setup time. The client can calculate the dimensions based on my design. From there I can edit the part sizes, cut the enclosure parts and ship them off to the customer. Below is a short video showing the basic design used in construction.

If you are interested in custom flat pack speaker enclosures send email to or read “How to Order“. Include the desired volume and dimensions and I’ll send you a quote.

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