First project

This is my first project. You have to start somewhere, right?

It’s nothing complicated, just a simple baffle for a Linkwitz Lab XL521 open back loudspeaker project. Apparently this is a kit being assembled by the customer. They are touted as the best sounding loudspeaker made. But I’ve heard that before…


Linkwitz Lab LX521 Customer built speaker kit.

Small baffle and driver covers

Small baffle and driver covers


LX521-box-parts_baffle2Below is the kit as sold by Madisound in Madison WI. The supplied drawing did not include the wiring pocket between the upper holes, or the lower mounting pockets on the bottom of the baffle for the tongue and groove assembly but adding them would be very easy. Tongue and Groove cuts on a CNC are easier than using a hand-held router.

This was a real learning experience for me since I haven’t cut 3/4″ material in a single pass before. I first cut them using my new 3/8″ compression bit at what I thought was a nice slow feed rate of 60 inches per minute or 1 inch per second. It was too fast and my router not strong enough to keep up. After nearly cooking my router motor and creating two parts that were quite a bit out of spec I went back for a second try only this time I decided to take several shallow passes. That didn’t work either, leaving a nearly unusable edge on the top where the “up” cut part of the bit make its first pass. So, off to the wood store for more wood. Only this time I have a good handle on how to cut this stuff. With my small 1 3/4 horse power router motor I can only run the bit through the cut at about 8 inches per minute to maintain adequate RPM on the bit. Looks like I’ll be purchasing a new spindle soon. I’m looking at upgrading to a spindle motor rather than this router motor. Kind of a shame since I put so much work into making the SuperPID. Oh well, I’m sure someone else will find use for it on eBay.

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