Announcement: Welcome to TRB-CNC Routing

My name is Tom. I recently purchased and built a medium sized CNC routing table. I’ve now discovered I can easily share the wonders of CNC routing with a few of the masses. If you’re one of those masses, put on your creative thinking cap and keep reading.Gantry and table front view

Below is a short introduction to CNC and my specific machine. The picture to the right shows the basic table with X, Y and Z axes. The router bit is inside the black brush thing. In the photo you can see the top of the router motor sticking out from the “Dust Shoe”, the thing with the black brushes on the bottom. The dust shoe has a long hose to clean up cuttings as they are cut. This is important so they do not interfere with the action of the bit. Too much waste material can hinder cutting action and result in inaccurate cuts. Behind the router on the back side of the Z axis bar is the “lead screw”. Continue reading

New Signage

While I don’t have a store front I still need some advertising. First ITRBCNC Door Sign found a piece of Hickory and made a nice simple easy to read door sign, but it lacks luster and flair. TRBCNC Door Sign-Hickory



So, I found this awesome piece of zebra wood and carved me up little more decorative a sign for my shop door. Sign created in Vectric Cut2D and carved using two bits. A CMT 60Ā° 1/2″ laser signmaking bit and a Whiteside 3/16″x3/4″ downcut spiralĀ  bit to cut tabs and separate it from the stock.

First project

This is my first project. You have to start somewhere, right?

It’s nothing complicated, just a simple baffle for a Linkwitz Lab XL521 open back loudspeaker project. Apparently this is a kit being assembled by the customer. They are touted as the best sounding loudspeaker made. But I’ve heard that before…


Linkwitz Lab LX521 Customer built speaker kit.

Continue reading

CNC CRP-2448 Auto Gantry Square

I finally got my new CRP-2448 CNC machine up and running. I’ve managed to cut several things quite successfully, none of them Speaker related. But, since I’ve solved a few crucial issues I though I’d share what I’ve learned here. Eventually I’ll set up a CNC blog for these articles but for now they are here.

First, I purchased the proximity sensor kit from cncrouterparts and it works fine. However, I did need to change the auto square code under the “Ref All Home” button. It comes with code to home each axis individually starting with Z, then X then Y then A. I found it works better using the refcombination(x) code rather than the default Z-X-Y-A so I changed the code under the button to:

DoButton( 24 )
DoButton( 22 )
Refcombination(10) Continue reading