SIGGMA AC54W Build from scratch

Greetings fellow speaker builders and web wanderers. This article chronicles my ongoing development as a speaker builder and covers my second high quality speaker project. The AC54W features an Aurum Cantus AC-!30MKII mid woofer and a custom tweeter waveguide. The waveguide enhances the overall quality and power handling by increasing the acoustic output of the tweeter over a very wide range. This waveguide operates from about 13Khz down to 800hz and produces a significant increase in output over most of that range. This allows a crossover slope that reduces the power applied to the driver allowing it to cross much lower at much higher power with much less distortion. More details as we proceed.

The build begins with an enclosure design. At the time I designed this I was limited to a table saw, router and drill press for enclosure construction so the enclosure has no fancy curves. box design
Baffle size ended up 11″Wide by 13″High by 12″Deep rather than the dimensions in the image, ignore the measurement markers on the image above. But the placement is accurate. it’s a simple design with placement dictated mostly by waveguide shape more than anything else. The waveguide dominates the baffle due to it’s enormous size. Continue reading